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Boho Pillow Raised in a Barn Combo

Boho Pillow Raised in a Barn Combo

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This combo could be considered farmhouse-ish, but since that name seems overplayed, how about, "Were you raised in a barn?!"  And, well, I think the answer is yes, we all kinda were (how do you eat when no one's around? Hmmmm? 😉)

The subtle stripes, the rich, textured, quilted lumbar (one of my all time faves!), mixed in with the classic, vintage batik, organic pattern.  There are waves of green (from the stripe and the quilted lumbar), paired with classic indigo, and a textured/variegated cream tribal cover to pull it all together.

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Wibbly Stripe Cover 22x22

Indian Quilted Lumbar

Chinese Batik 18x18

Cream Patterned Pillow Cover 22x22

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